What are nameservers? What is the use of name-servers? How to setup name-servers? How to change them. Read more about them here.



Every domain is pointed towards a nameserver. This is mainly used to connect a domain to a hosting server. For example I have bought a domain called Sufyan.com. Then I should tell the domain where to connect. I will set the nameserver as ns39.boxsecured.com and ns40.boxsecured.com. These are the name-servers of Spidyhost. So the domain will be connected to my Spidyhost hosting account cPanel.
If I want to shift from one hosting service to another, then I can simply change the name-servers. I should update the new name-servers of new hosting provider.

Setup Nameservers

In order to change the nameservers, we should go to domain registrar where we have bought the domain. Look for an option like manage domain or something similar. Under that you will see nameserver option or Domain nameservers option, both are same.

Once you change the name-servers, it will take about 15 minutes to actually work. Even after changing your website may show old content. Don’t worry it will take some time to connect to new hosting servers.

If you are using Spidyhost for your Business Web Solutions. Then please read this article about How to change name-servers in Spidyhost – Click here. To buy a domain and start your online journey visit Spidyhost.com.