Spidyhost office opening ceremony in Kurnool. Special thanks to Haji Mahaboob Sahab and Moulana Zakir Sahab. Spidyhost office ribbon cutting ceremony.

Spidyhost office opening ceremony

Spidyhost opening

In pic Haji Mahaboob Sahab, Chairman Rabbani Group. On the left Mufti Abdur Rahman, Hafiz Mahaboob Basha.

Moulana Ibrahim Sahab

Moulana Ibrahim Sahab and Shaik Vahid, CTO, Spidyhost.

Gangadhar Sasthry and Sufyan in conversation with our Chief Guest.

The un-cut Ribbon view from outside.

Sufyan spidyhost

Hafiz Mahaboob Basha and on the left Sufyan, CEO Spidyhost

Gangadhar Shasthry from Sahai Technologies with our Chief Guest.

Zakir moulana

In picture Haji Mahaboob Sahab and Moulana Zakir Sahab.

Zakir Maulana in conversation with Haji Mahaboob Sahab

Presentation in Projector

In picture Hafiz Farooq Ahmed Sahab, Haji Akram Sahab, Javeed Basha Sahab

Ready for ribbon cutting

Spidyhost office opening

Ribbon cutting by Haji Mahaboob Sahab.

Technical explanation by Shaik Vahid, CTO Spidyhost.


Explaining the web hosting process

Sufyan explaining the services of Spidyhost

Moheed explaining about our previous website designs.

In picture Zakir Maulana and Dr. Haneef Sahab.

Sweet distribution

A small gift to our Guest

Spidyhost office front view

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