Spidyhost Reseller Hosting Guide to start your own hosting business

Hi friends. In this article I will explain about what is reseller hosting plan. First of all you need to know some basic things about Normal web hosting. Start your business with Spidyhost reseller hosting.

Web Hosting

A website is collection some data which is stored on a web server. There are some companies which provide web server. We need to buy a web server in order to keep our website files in their server. The storing of our files in the internet is called Hosting. In this article you will read about spidyhost reseller hosting.

spidyhost reseller hosting

Buying a server is coslty

It is very costly to buy a server normally called as dedicated server. So there will be some resellers who will buy the server. Those resellers will be able to provide Hosting for individual websites. Dedicated servers costs Rs.4344/month. Click here to buy dedicated servers.

Spidyhost Reseller Hosting

A reseller is the one who purchases goods or services with the intention of selling them at higher price for getting profit. Spidyhost Reseller hosting gives a chance to provide hosting for as many websites as you have. Once you have bought a reseller account you can create your own pricing plans.

For example Spidyhost provides a reseller plan for Rs.500 per month. If you buy it, you can sell hosting to other users. You can create prices as 150 per month. If you have got 10 customers under you, then you will get 150*10 that is Rs.1500 per month. So you have a profit of 1000 rupees. In this way you can earn money with reseller hosting. Click here to features of a reseller plan.

Getting a domain name

In order run your own hosting business you need to have a website. You can share your website to social networking sites and get new customers. You can buy domain name as yourownbrandname.com. Buy a .com domain from Spidyhost at just Rs.900/- . If you already have a domain it is well and good. Click here to search availability of domain names.

How to get reseller hosting in Spidyhost.com ?

  1. Create an account in Spidyhost.com.
  2. Go to secure.spidyhost.com.
  3. Log in to your account.
  4. Open this URL https://secure.spidyhost.com/cart.php?a=add&pid=28
  5. If you don’t have domain. Enter your desired domain name.
  6. Click on search and Add to cart.
  7. If you already have a domain click on “Use existing” and enter it.
  8. You will see Rs.499/- per month price. Click on continue.
  9. Select payment gateway as CCAVENUE or PayPal.
  10. After the payment is completed your service will be activated.

Once your Reseller plan is activated, you can start selling the hosting to others with more price. Happy earnings and all the best for your Business. I will soon write an article about how to get hosting customers. Please stay tuned to www.Sufyan.in. Thank you.

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