How to post GIFs into Facebook? How to upload GIF into Facebook? ‘I have tried to upload GIFs directly into facebook but no use’. Have u ever experienced this thing? Read this article about how to post gif files to Facebook.

How to upload GIF into Facebook

First thing we need to know is that we cannot upload gif directly to Facebook. We have to just share the link in the post box Facebook will automatically fetch the preview of the GIF file. Hence in news feed it will show the GIF file and users can click on it to play and click again to stop. This feature in Facebook to ‘play and pause’ GIF files has started a new trend of games like stop the GIF at right time.

In order to share the GIF link, we need to upload it somewhere in the internet. But at the same time that gif should be publicly accessible. It should not be stored in private file storages. It must be public file. Once the gif is uploaded you can get its URL. Copy the URL with “.gif” at the end. Go to In place of status, paste the URL which copied. Wait for some time, the gif will be loaded with a preview. After preview is loaded you can delete the URL. However gif will be there even after deleting the URL.

Steps to share GIF in Facebook:

  1. Upload GIF into
  2. Copy the URL and paste it in Facebook
  3. After preview is loaded, delete the URL
  4. Click on post, GIF will be present with a play button.

However you can keep any captions instead only GIF. Enter any description of GIF which is posted.

As shown in the above Facebook post, it is a game to stop the car in exact position and take screenshot.

To make your own GIF files using individual images, visit Here you can upload two or more images and create a GIF by setting time as 500 milli seconds or 1sec.